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4 Pets Clinic

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4 Pets Clinic

4 Pets Clinic


Saturday Wellness Clinics  1:30-3:45






Our office is open and we answer the telephone Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM and on Saturday from 9 AM until noon. We do not answer the phone on Saturday afternoon but you are welcome to leave a message.

We schedule office visits and surgery by appointment.


You may have an appointment to drop off your pet at a time when the office is not open because this allows us to focus on you and the surgery patients.


Call 440-327-0100 to make an appointment.

About Our Clinic

Meet Our Team

We are different kind of practice.


We are fortunate to live in a time where many wonderful advances make it possible for our pets to live longer, with high quality healthier lives than ever before. We also live in a time when many practices expect people to spend far more than they can afford on their pets. The net result of demanding perfection or nothing is far too frequently nothing. This results in pets suffering from easily treatable and preventable problems.


We proudly offer affordable, no frill services, one at a time for those who choose to care for their pets that way. We also offer comprehensive care for those in a position to do everything at once. If you tell us what you need, we will happily offer you the options to take the best care of your pet possible and can usually find a way work within the limitations you give us.


Please feel free to call us if you need information, have questions or to make an appointment.




James Vance, DVM


Patrick Riley, DVM


David McClelland, MBA


Dr. Vance received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Ohio State School of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. After graduation, Dr. Vance completed the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners program and the board certified him as a "Specialist in Canine & Feline Practice".


Before coming to 4 Pets Clinic, Dr. Vance served as medical director to a humane society in Florida; as an animal emergency room doctor and in private practice.


Dr. Vance grew up in and lives in South Lorain with Caley, his beloved cat that he rescued. Dr. Vance was part of the first class graduating from Southview High School.

Dr. Riley began practice in 1977 and retired from Dr. Riley's Veterinary Clinic in North Royalton. Dr. Riley received a bachelor's degree in Animal Science and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Ohio State.


Dr. Riley specializes in treating small animals. He enjoys treating the pets and working with the owners and guardians to keep the pets healthy and happy.


Dr. Riley shares his life with Smokey, a wonderful silk terrier and Ozzie, a somewhat more troublesome Yorkshire terrier.

David McClelland received a Masters of Business Administration degree from Cleveland State University in 1997. David left the Friendship APL after 10 years as Accounting Manager and Executive Director to for a low cost spay & neuter program in our area.


David is proud to have been part of spaying or neutering over 50,000 cats and dogs and therefore preventing hundreds of thousands of births. Just as important, we have offered affordable vaccinations to thousands of pets who would not have been vaccinated without the walk-in clinic.


David shares his life with Lady & Daisy, two dogs area rescues brought to be fixed here that he adopted.

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