Cat Laser Declaw



Front Desk

Laurie and Jen assist a customer and his cat.

Dental Room

We have a separate dental room to keep things clean.


The round object is a huge magnifying glass. Further back on the left is the Jorgensen Laboratories Anesthesia Machine and on the right is the Baxter IV Pump. 


Not visible is the anesthesia monitor and the dental tools.

EKG Monitor

Here the veterinarian is monitoring the heart rate and breaths per minute.

Laboratory Services

Kevin checks a fecal sample for worms which can harm both pets and people.

Surgical Preparation

Here Colty shaves a cat for surgery. He likes his job but is laughing because Mat was kidding him that we were going to put his picture on facebook.

Cat Spay

Colty writes a note while Dr. Jim does surgery.


Katie prepares a sample in the laboratory.

Cat Room

This is the cat room.

We have more pictures coming   

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Operating Room 2

On the left is the Jorgensen Laboratories Anesthesia Machine with Sevoflurane Anesthesia, the white domes are surgery lights and on the right is a Cardell Max-12 Multiparameter Surgical Monitor.

The stainless steel surgical table is in front.

Idexx Analyzers

We use Idexx Analyzers. The unit on the left is for complete blood counts. The unit on the right is for blood chemistry. Veterinarians use each unit, or both together, to check for problems before surgery, to diagnose problems or as part of an examination.

Kennel Area

This is a Siberian Husky from a local humane society waiting his turn for surgery.

Laboratory Report 

This is a sample report for a pet with several abnormal findings.


Rebecca dries off another satisfied customer.

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Spay & Neuter Services

 We offer affordable spay & neuter services at our clinic in Avon, Ohio and pickup pets with our van in Amherst, Elyria, Grafton, Norwalk, Oberlin, Sandusky, Vermilion and Wellington.

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Wellness Clinics

Every Saturday from 1:30 - 4:00, we offer walk in wellness clinics where you can get a wide assortment of first rate vaccinations; flea, tick and heartworm medicine; testing and micro-chipping at affordable prices.     MICROCHIP SPECIAL: microchip and registration for $10.


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Traditional Office Visit

We offer traditional office calls with private veterinary visits and all the normal veterinary services by appointment.

An office call offers you the chance to discuss your pet, share your observations or concerns and ask your questions in a more leisurely environment.


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We are open for office visits, surgery, grooming and dog training by appointment.


The Office, Front Desk and Pet Boutique are open:


Tuesday to Friday

9 AM until 5 PM



9 AM - 12:30 PM


Wellness Clinic

Weekends 1:30 to 4 PM

Closed Some Holidays

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Low Cost Wellness Clinic

1:30 until 4:00


Saturday Mar 28 & April 4, 11, 18 & 25 from 1:30 to 4 PM.


Vaccinations & flea control protect your pet from pain and suffering or even death and protect you from grief and expense.

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Humane Fundraisers


Erie County HS

Wednesday Morning Bingo, American Legion Post 83, 3615 Hayes Avenue, Sandusky Doors open at 8 AM. Have fun, win and help the cats and dogs.




Cat Laser Front Declaw Surgery, $175.00

img_9044People choose to have or not to have their cats declawed for a number of different reasons. We respect the choices people make and want people to make up their own minds to declaw or not declaw their cat. We believe that if a person is going to have a cat declawed, it is easier on everyone concerned to declaw the cat while it is young. Declawed cats should also permanently be indoor only cats.

A cat declaw is elective surgery and most cats will be wonderful house pets without declawing. There are alternatives to declawing. Most cats can be trained to use a scratching post, many owners are willing to trim the nails every 10 days or so and nail covers temporarily prevent scratching.

Some people are adamantly opposed to cat declaws and many cat owners insist that they have had many cats declawed over the years without problems. It is common for landlords or family members to require a cat to be declawed as a condition of living in a particular place. Sometimes when two families combine, compromises are required.

What is a Cat Declaw?Siamese cat.JPG

A cat's claw grows from the end of the last digit of each toe. A cat declaw is an operation where a veterinarian places a cat under general anesthesia and removes the claw and the last digit of each toe.

In our practice, a veterinarian uses a laser for this surgery. Using a laser reduces the swelling, the pain and promotes faster healing. The skin is closed with special adhesive and bandaged if necessary. The cat receives appropriate pain medicine after surgery and for several more days to keep the cat comfortable. The cat will spend the night with us and the next morning the veterinarian will examine the cat and evaluate each toe.


If you decide to declaw your cat, it is better to declaw a young cat. All surgery is potentially painful but young cats will recover faster with less pain. It is very rarely necessary to declaw all 4 paws.

Laser Surgery:

For our declaws, we only use laser surgery. Cats declawed with a laser recover faster with little or no bleeding, less swelling and pain than using any of the traditional methods.

orange cat with goldfish.jpg


We will provide pain medicine for a few days after surgery. You will use Yesterday's News Litter which is newspaper processed to feel good to cats but does not cause infection. Your cat should heal within a month of surgery.

All clients receive a 24 hour phone number to call with questions or concerns. After surgery, we will see your pet without charge to check on complications or concerns related to the declaw.

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