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4 Pets Clinic

34910 Center Ridge Rd

N. Ridgeville, OH 44039


(440) 327-0100

4 Pets Clinic

4 Pets Clinic


Saturday Wellness Clinics  1:30-3:45






Our office is open and we answer the telephone Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM and on Saturday from 9 AM until noon. We do not answer the phone on Saturday afternoon but you are welcome to leave a message.

We schedule office visits and surgery by appointment.


You may have an appointment to drop off your pet at a time when the office is not open because this allows us to focus on you and the surgery patients.


Call 440-327-0100 to make an appointment.

Wellness Packages

Dog Vaccination Package

Office Call or

Walk-in Wellness Clinic

Puppy Vaccination Packages


4 in 1, kennel cough and Leptospirous vaccinations, round and hookworm dewormer.

Initial  (before 12 weeks of age) $27

Duramune Max 5 Vaccination & Deworming Medicine.


Second (after 12 weeks of age) $44

Duramune Max 5 Vaccination, Bronchi-Shield Oral Vaccine &

Deworming Medicine.


Final Puppy $44

Duramune Max 5 Vaccination, Bronchi-Shield Oral Vaccination & Deworming Medicine.

$ 54


What is a Wellness Clinic?

Our Wellness Clinics offer a brief consultation with a licensed veterinarian and a wide assortment of first rate vaccinations; flea, tick, heartworm and ear mite medicine; fecal, heartworm, feline leukemia and feline aids tests; and pet micro chipping at affordable prices which are disclosed in advance. You don't need an appointment and you should bring your pet in a secure carrier or kennel or on a leash. The wellness clinics are for well pet services only. If your pet is sick or injured, call 440-327-0100 to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians.


Individual Services


Hook and Roundworm Deworming $10


Rabies Vaccination $17


Duramune Max 5 $23

DA2PP, Parvo, Distemper Combo Vaccination

Duramune Max 5 4/L  $23

DA2PP 4L Parvo, Distemper, Lepto Combo Vaccination


Duramune Lepto Vaccination $23


Tapeworm Treatment

    <25 pounds $15

   25-50 pounds $20

   50-75 pounds $25

   75-100 pounds $30


Fecal Test $17


Heartworm Test $25


Nail Trim $10


Microchip with Registration  $25

Home Again (Snoopy) Microchip with Registration  $45



Individual services are also available. Call 440-327-0100 for details.

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