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Our office is open and we answer the telephone Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM and on Saturday from 9 AM until noon. We do not answer the phone on Saturday afternoon but you are welcome to leave a message.

We schedule office visits and surgery by appointment.


You may have an appointment to drop off your pet at a time when the office is not open because this allows us to focus on you and the surgery patients.


Call 440-327-0100 to make an appointment.

Sadly, the day will come when we must consider saying good-bye to our beloved pets. This is never easy. When the time comes, we often have questions. We may wonder is this the right time? How are pets euthanized? Does it hurt? Should I be there when my pet is euthanized? Should I bring my children and family? What will happen during the euthanasia? What should I do?


We may wonder is this the right time?

Only you will know when it is the right time to say good-bye. People frequently consider if their pet is having more good days than bad days. Is your pet in pain? Can your pet move? Can your pet eat, drink, and go to the bathroom normally? Has a veterinarian told you your pet is dying? Have your friends and family told you that it is time to consider euthanasia?


What will happen during the euthanasia?

Like many other practices, we euthanize pets to relieve suffering. If we have not seen you recently, the veterinarian will take a few minutes to assess the situation and make sure that euthanasia is appropriate for your pet. This added step may make you feel more comfortable that you made the right decision.


The veterinarian will start the euthanasia by giving an injection of a sedative and pain reliever. This will make your pet fall asleep. After your pet is sleeping, the veterinarian will give another injection and your pet will gently pass away. The euthanasia will be over in a few minutes.


Does it hurt?

No. The first injection is like getting a vaccination and the pet never knows it got a second injection.


Should I be there when my pet is euthanized?

Being present at the euthanasia is a personal choice. Many people insist on being in the room but others will not even consider the option. Some people want the doctor to euthanize their pet and then come in to say good-bye after the euthanasia is completed. Some people ask a friend or relative to be there when their pet is euthanized and then to call when the euthanasia is over.


May I bring my children, my family, or friends?

You are welcome to bring your family or friends. Many people are comforted having people with them when they say good-bye to their pets.


What happens to my pet after euthanasia?

You choose what will happen to your pet after euthanasia. Some people take their pet home. Other people ask us to arrange common burial, common cremation, or private cremation.


What should I do now?

Feel free to call us and ask for assistance.


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