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4 Pets Clinic

4 Pets Clinic


Saturday Wellness Clinics  1:30-3:45






Our office is open and we answer the telephone Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM and on Saturday from 9 AM until noon. We do not answer the phone on Saturday afternoon but you are welcome to leave a message.

We schedule office visits and surgery by appointment.


You may have an appointment to drop off your pet at a time when the office is not open because this allows us to focus on you and the surgery patients.


Call 440-327-0100 to make an appointment.

Over the Counter Drugs

We carry some drugs that are available over the counter. We can sell over the counter drugs without seeing your pet. There are many good over the counter drugs available and we are happy to provide those to you when we are open.


Prescription Drugs

The state and federal government regulates the sale of Prescription Drugs. Among other requirements:

• We are required to see your pet a minimum of once a year to prescribe or provide drugs.

• We are required follow proper procedures in providing drugs.


Proper Procedures

These are a few of the things that many wonderful pet owners do not know:


• Antibiotic Refills: If the prescribed antibiotic did not cure the problem or the problem returns, then the doctor may need to see your pet before refilling the prescription or prescribing another drug.


• Heartworm Medicine: All medical tests, for people and pets, have limitations and problems. There are occasions that even a properly given monthly heartworm preventative would not have worked. The heartworm test tests if heartworms infected your pet more than 6 months ago. This means that even though the test was negative last year, the hartworms had not developed enough to make the test turn positive. It also can mean that some pets get heartworm even when prescribed heartworm medicine.


• Laboratory Tests: Over time, certain drugs may cause organ damage or otherwise damage the body. The proper way to manage using these drugs is to do periodic follow-up visits and laboratory tests to check if the drugs are possibly affecting organ function. Unfortunately, frequently only after your pet suffers permanent damage will problems become noticeable without laboratory tests.


• Multiple Pets: Sometimes people with multiple pets want us to assume that another pet with the same symptoms has the same disease and prescribe drugs for pets we have not seen. We cannot do this and you should not "share" medications.


No Refunds on Prescription Drugs

Since the government prohibits us from reselling prescription drugs once the drugs are sold, we cannot offer any refunds on prescription drugs.


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