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4 Pets Clinic

34910 Center Ridge Rd

N. Ridgeville, OH 44039


(440) 327-0100

4 Pets Clinic

4 Pets Clinic


Saturday Wellness Clinics  1:30-3:45






Our office is open and we answer the telephone Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM and on Saturday from 9 AM until noon. We do not answer the phone on Saturday afternoon but you are welcome to leave a message.

We schedule office visits and surgery by appointment.


You may have an appointment to drop off your pet at a time when the office is not open because this allows us to focus on you and the surgery patients.


Call 440-327-0100 to make an appointment.

Receive the Most Expert Veterinary Treatment Available

Preventive medicine such as regular checkups and vaccinations are the best thing you cand do to keep your pet healthy.

We offer traditional veterinary services including office exams by appointment.

Sooner or later, everyone needs a little help. We see sick pets by appointment.

We offer a comprehensive program for assisting older pets. This includes a physical exam and laboratory testing.

We are licensed to distribute medications to patients we have seen and keep a supply of the drugs your pet may need on hand.

As pets age, they may develop painful conditions such as arthritis. Pets may also injure themselves. We can manage your pets pain.

We can x-ray your pet when necessary to look for foreign bodies, internal problems or broken bones.

We offer grooming services by appointment.

Your pet should have a heartworm test every year.

We offer several different heartworm medicines. Heartworm medicines are prescription drugs so we must see your pet before dispensing.

Pets suffer pain from injuries, develop chronic problems such as arthritis and have other conditions which require pain management.

We are licensed to distribute medications to patients we have seen and keep a supply of the drugs your pet may need on hand.

If you see one flea, there are usually hundreds eggs & larvae you cannot see. We have many fine products to help you control fleas.

Microchips are your pet's return ticket home.

Our practice is limited to cats and dogs. We could not list everything here. If you need something not listed, call us.

When the time comes, we are here to help you with your pet's final journey.

Flea & Tick Prevention

Flea & Tick Control

Most Saturday afternoons from 1:30 until 4 PM, we offer a walk-in wellness clinic where you only pay for vaccinations & services.

Laser surgery offers the advantage of faster recovery with little or no bleeding, less swelling and pain than using any of the traditional methods.

We offer low cost spay & neuter services by appointment.

We offer a cat front declaw when that is the appropriate choice.

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