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X-rays are a wonderful tool to allow veterinarians to give the best advice to people about their pets. We offer routine x-ray services which is probably all that you will ever need.


Most people know that x-rays are used if broken bones are suspected and regular Animal Planet viewers will recall seeing cases veterinarians using x-rays to find strange things that pets eat. X-rays are used for much more.

X-Ray or Radiation

First of all, what are commonly called x-rays are known formally as radiographs. Second, x-rays work by using a very low dose of radiation to create a black and white picture of the inside of your pet. Third, x-rays are safe for even small or pregnant pets

X-rays are capable of detecting


bone fractures


foreign objects

gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, colon) problems

heart enlargement and congestive heart failure

lung diseases such as pneumonia


stomach or intestinal foreign bodies

stones in the bladder and kidney

urinary or bowel obstruction

What are X-Rays?

How do veterinarians use X-Rays?

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